Sweet Berry Farm's Apple Guide

Apple picking season is one of the most exciting seasons at Sweet Berry Farm. When we planted our first apple trees about thirty years ago, we never dreamed that we would have such a vast variety of apples one day. The apples we grow cover nearly the entire flavor spectrum and ripening schedule. That means some are ready to pick as early as mid-August and others aren’t ready until late September. We put together this apple guide to help you plan your visit. The apples are listed here in their typical order of ripening. Happy picking!

Sweet Berry Farm Apple Guide Summer Golden (Pristine) - This bright yellow apple is our first of the season. Some say it smells faintly of cider and honey. Its tender texture and mild, somewhat tart flavor make it a good choice for fresh eating.  Sansa - This apple is one of the first to ripen each year. Bright red with touches of yellow, Sansa apples are great for eating fresh or drying. Its taste is similar to the Gala.  Zestar - As the name implies, these apples are zesty, juicy, crunchy, and downright delicious. They’re best eaten right off the tree, but can be refrigerated for a month or more if needed.  Summer McIntosh - Early Macs are slightly tart and crisp. They're best when eaten fresh but also great for making pies.  Gingergold - Sweet, tangy and juicy, this variety is one of the best early-season apples out there. Gingergold is related to the Golden Delicious. It’s an excellent choice for both baking and fresh eating.
McIntosh -Macs have red and green skin, a tart flavor, and tender white flesh. It's considered to be an all-purpose apple, suitable both for cooking and eating raw. They ripen in late September.  Gala - The sweet, refreshing flavor and crunchy finish of this variety makes it ideal for snacking. Gala have a beautiful red-yellow color and ripen mid-season.  Golden Supreme - Pale yellow in color and mellow in flavor, this variety is best for eating freshly-picked off the tree or added to your favorite salad. Its natural sweetness and juiciness makes it very satisfying.  Honeycrisp - These apples are among the most popular at Sweet Berry Farm. A superior fresh eating apple. Sweet and exceptionally crisp!  Macoun - Known for being extra tender and sweet, these apples are best eaten fresh and make a welcome addition to salads.  Cortland - Cortland apples are delicious when baked into apple turnovers, apple pie, apple crisp and more. They have a sharp and refreshing flavor.
Jonagold - This exceptionally sweet variety is also very versatile. It's great for juicing, cider making, eating fresh, or cooking.  Empire - The top choice for baking and freezing, this apple is a mix of sweet and tart. The variety is an offshoot of the Red Delicious and McIntosh. Expect a big crunch and tart finish.  Golden Delicious - Golden color, soft flesh, and a sweet scent and taste. Some say it has a hint of pineapple flavor. This variety is best eaten fresh.  Fuji -This apple is perfectly sweet and just right fresh off the tree. It tends to become even more flavorful as the season progresses.  Mutsu (Crispin) - These bright green apples are crisp and juicy with a sweet-tart taste. Its flavor profile complements any pie or tart. Best for eating fresh, sauce-making, baking, or freezing.  Apple picking at Sweet Berry Farm is available late August through early October. Call to confirm availability (401) 847-3912