Arruda’s Dairy: Milked today, in the delivery truck tomorrow!

At Sweet Berry Farm we believe fresh, local food is tastier but also more healthful. We seek out and support other farms that share our farming philosophy and who treat food with as much love as we do. You can really taste the difference. And that’s why we stock six different varieties of milk from Arruda’s Dairy right here in our Farm Market.

Photo by Herald News

Arruda’s Dairy is one of two remaining dairy farms in Tiverton (an area that use to be home to dozens of them). The Arruda family got into the business by producing delicious dairy products back in 1917 in nearby Fall River.

Founded by Georgianna and Joseph Arruda, the couple would deliver raw milk to community members by way of horse and wagon. The family moved the farm to Tiverton in the 90’s. Today, the 100-acre farm is owned and operated by Jean and Antone Moniz, Sr., as well as their two sons. Jean is the daughter of Georgianna and Joseph, continuing their hard work and tradition of excellence.

All of Arruda’s milk comes from its own Holstein herd. They are carefully grain-fed and well cared for. The Arruda family refuses the use of growth hormones that are used by many large-scale dairy farms. They are committed to breeding their herd on the farm instead of using artificial insemination, resulting in a richer and better end-product. It’s no wonder the Rhode Island Green Pastures Committee recently named them Outstanding Dairy Farm of the Year.

Remarkably, the business has operated independently from the start and processes all of its products right on-site. Here’s how milk production goes: Eighteen at a time, the happy, healthy cows file-in for milking. The milk is pumped into a chilled tank and transported to the processing room. The raw milk is filtered through the creamer and pasteurizer before being bottled and capped. Once it’s bottled up, it is loaded into the on-site farm stand coolers, local delivery trucks, or shipped off to partner stores like us. The best part is that all of this happens just down the road in Tiverton, RI.

Arruda’s refers to themselves as a small but efficient operation whose motto is, “Milked today, in the delivery truck tomorrow!” With their community mindset, family-run operation, and sound business practices, we’ll drink to that! Pop into our Farm Market to see what makes Arruda’s Dairy milk so rich, delicious, and special.