Meet Head Chef Brian

If there’s anyone who knows that the way to someone’s heart is through his or her stomach, it’s Sweet Berry Farm’s Head Chef Brian Henrique. He manages a team of twelve to prepare nearly every dish on the menu from scratch.

Currently, he and his team is gearing up for the holiday season. Thanksgiving is the busiest and most exciting time of year in the Sweet Berry kitchen. Customers can order all the classic Thanksgiving favorites prepared right here in the kitchen. “We cook everything from bisque to the bird!” Brian says. Here’s what else our favorite chef had to say:

Q: What has your experience working at Sweet Berry Farm been like?

A: This is my eighth season here. I’ve grown as a chef and truly enjoy working with this team. I’m impressed by our quality of ingredients and cooking methods. It’s great to be in a place where the owners roll up their sleeves and work as hard as they do here — it creates a very team-oriented atmosphere.

Q: What is your favorite part of the workday?

A: I love making breakfast at the farm and working with fresh ingredientsto deliver the best tasting scones, muffins, apple turnovers, and breakfast sandwiches. There’s nothing better than a flaky, fresh croissant filled with eggs, cheddar, and applewood smoked bacon to start your day.

Q: What dish do you enjoy making the most?

A: It’s a tie between the chili bake and grilled chicken mac and cheese. The chili bake features house-made chili topped with cheddar cheese, cheddar cornbread, and scallions. My grilled chicken mac and cheese features marinated chicken and our house-made bacon breadcrumbs.

Q: What are some of Sweet Berry Farm’s most popular dishes?

A: Guests love our homemade meatloaf, chicken parmesan, coq au vin, and beef stroganoff. Some days it seems that we can’t stock the shelves fast enough!

Q: What about desserts?

A: Our top-selling dessert, hands down, is our made-from-scratch carrot cake. I must say, it’s delicious. Our key lime pies and Boston cream pies are also best sellers.

Q: How do you spend free time away from the farm?

A: I really enjoy golfing, surfing, and spending time with loved ones.

Q: What is something nobody would guess about you?

A: I own a three-pound Chihuahua named Niko! I’m also behind our Instagram page.

The food Brian and his team prepare is fresh and delicious. You can be sure that your meal was made with care and much respect for local flavor.