Sweet Berry Farm TO GO


We offer pre-packed lunches and platters for any occasion.  Three-day notice is recommended for all orders. Prices do not include tax.

Bagged Lunches

$15.95 each

Includes:  A hearty sandwich or salad from our Specialty Sandwich Menu, chips, fruit, a buttery cookie, water or canned soda and a little something extra. To substitute cole slaw or potato salad instead of chips add $2.50

View our Sandwich & Salad Menu to customize your order.

Charcuterie Platter

Charcuterie Platter


Nibble Patters

Artisan Cheese Platter Specialty cheeses with fruit, jam and cracker assortment.
16” Platter  (serves 10-15)…..$89.00

Charcuterie Platter Assorted cured meats, salami, pate, cheese, olives, cornichons, tapenade & cracker assortment.
16” Platter  (serves 10-15)…..$89..00

Luscious Fruit Platter With seasonal fruits and a tasty, fresh, creamy dip.
Small 16” Platter (serves 8-12)…..$49.00
Large 18” Platter (serves 12-20)…..$79.00

Vegetable, Hummus & Pita Platter:
Small, with two assorted hummus (serves 12)….$49.00
     Large, with three assorted hummus and/or dips (serves 20)…..$79.00

Sandwich Platter....$8.50/sandwich

Sandwiches & wraps will be cut in halves or thirds and artfully arranged. Choose from our Specialty Sandwich Menu. 

Bagged Lunches....$15.95 each

A hearty sandwich or salad from our Specialty Sandwich Menu, chips, fruit, a buttery cookie, water or canned soda and a little something extra. Substitute cole slaw or potato salad instead of chips, add $2.50.

Fresh Garden Salad

6 Person Minimum

Mixed Green & assorted vegetables….$4.95/ person
With cheese, dried fruit & nuts….$5.95/person
        (Balsamic vinaigrette on the side)


Price per Pound

(A quart is approximately 2 pounds)

Chicken Salad
• Traditional with Celery & Onion…..$9.99lb
• Curried with Mango Chutney & Almonds…..$10.99lb
• Apricot with Rosemary & Roasted Almonds…..$10.99lb
• Tarragon with Lemon & Fresh Shallots…..$10.49lb

Egg Salad…..$9.99lb

Tuna Salad…..$9.99lb

Potato Salad with Egg…..$5.00lb

Classic Cole Slaw…..$5.00lb

Macaroni Salad…..$5.00lb

Brussels Slaw with Apples & Walnuts…..$6.99lb

Peruvian Quinoa Salad  With black beans, corn, cilantro in a light vinaigrette …..$7.99lb

Tomato & Mozzarella  Cherry tomatoes & mozzarella tossed in basil vinaigrette…..$8.99lb

Edamame & Black Bean Salad With a zesty orange vinaigrette…..$6.99lb

Tortelloni Salad with Vegetables…..$8.99lb

Greek Pasta Salad With Feta, Artichokes, Olives & Red Peppers…..$7.99lb

Home-Style Soup


     Mama’s Chicken Noodle
     New England Clam Chowder
     Italian Wedding Soup
     Beef & Bean Chili
     Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque
     Turkey, Bean, Cilantro & Lime Chili


Entreesready for you to heat

Prepared in a half hotel size foil pan

Cottage Pie (serves 8-10)…..$55.00
Ground beef, corn, peas & carrots in a flavorful gravy. Topped with butter mashed potatoes.

Chicken Pot Pie  (serves 8-10)…..$50.00
Tender chunks of chicken in a flavorful sauce with peas, carrots & potatoes.
Topped with a buttery pastry crust. 

Beef Stroganoff  (serves 6-8)…..$68.00
Tender strips of beef bathed in a rich flavorful sour cream & herb sauce. Served over egg noodles.

Blackened & Bleu (serves 6-8)…..$68.00
Our amazing Beef Stroganoff with gorgonzola. Served over egg noodles.  

Homestyle Meatloaf (6 hearty servings)…..$36.00

Lasagne (serves 10)
• Meat & Cheese…..$52.00
• Vegetable & Cheese…..$50.00

Creamy Macaroni & Cheese (serves 10-12)…..$38.00 With buttery crumb topping.

Dessert Tray

2 or more pieces per person

May include: Small Cupcakes, Brownies, Krispie Treats, Macaroons, Cookies, Fruit Bars, Tea Bread Slices.

Desserts & Sweets

9” pie serves 6-8

Fruit Pies …..$19.95   
Apple, Peach, Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Mixed Berry

Key Lime Pie…..$20.00
Pecan Pie…..$20.00
Chocolate Pecan Pie…..$22.00
Coconut Custard…..$20.00
Chocolate Cream Pie…..$20.00
Cheesecake Pie…..$20.00
Fresh Fruit Tart With vanilla pastry cream…..$28.00  

Half hotel pan serves 12-18
Mixed Fruit…..$34.00

FROSTED CAKES (two layers)
Small 6” Cake (serves 6-8)…..$14.95
Large 10” Cake (serves 12-16)…..$28.00

Cake Choices:  Chocolate Pudding or Yellow
Frosting: Vanilla or Chocolate Butter Cream
Filling: Raspberry, Strawberry or Apricot Jam

SPECIALTY CAKES (two layers)
Small 6” Cake (serves 6-8)…..$16.95
Large 10” Cake (serves 12-16)…..$29.95
Boston Cream Cake With pastry cream and chocolate ganache
Carrot Cake With walnuts and creamy sour cream frosting
German Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake with a coconut caramel cream filling
Chocolate Mousse Layered Cake With either yellow or chocolate cake


Blueberry, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Corn,
Corn Blueberry, Sunshine (carrot with raisins,
coconut, and walnuts), Pumpkin.

Ginger, Cranberry Orange, Blueberry

Butter, Chocolate, Multi Grain,
Strawberry Cheese & Blueberry Cheese

Savory Croissants…..$4.45
Ham &  Cheese, Feta & Spinach


Sweet Berry Farm Granola ~ honey kissed
oats, nuts, coconut and dried fruit



Banana, Blueberry, Carrot, Chocolate Pudding, Zucchini

Banana Nut, Carrot Walnut, Cranberry Orange, Lemon, Lemon Lavender, Zucchini, Chocolate Chip

(9” serves 6)…..$16.95

Ham, Cheese & Vegetable
Bacon, Cheese & Vegetable
Cheese & Vegetable
Lorraine (Ham, Swiss & Onions)

Sweet Berry Farm fruit tart

Sweet Berry Farm fruit tart